terça-feira, março 31, 2009

A short story

Sometime ago I feel a desire to publish something here in english.

It´s not because I want to show everybody that I know the language and how to write.
The real reason it´s because I think it must be positive for me, as I´m practicing and for someone who wants to do something like that to lost the shy...

A short story just to start the engines ok?

José das Couves was a lonely man,

he thought he was cute, and tried to be cute, but someone says that somebody at television was cute.
he thought he was nice, and tried to be cool and fun, but someone says that somebody at a theatre was fun.
he thought he was rich, and tried to be rich, but at newspaper he read about rich people and he was not in the list.

Conclusion... if you think you must be cute, nice or rich to love somebody you are wrong, as José was a lonely man and will aways have somebody cutter, nicer, and richer than you. All you need is to open you hearth and really love.

Send me your comments ok?

See you,

Leandro Marçal

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