sábado, agosto 27, 2016

Final reminder: Ajsm2 claims to know you (circle of trust promotion)

Ajsm2 has been waiting for you to confirm your trusted relationship:

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This is your final reminder.

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*This offer has been sent by ajsm2013@gmail.com. By accepting this offer to try the new empowr, I stipulate that I'm 18 or older and am signing up having agreed with the product, terms and privacy policies, including the manner in which "$" and the word "earnings" are used throughout the empowr website, mobile apps and all empowr communications including this email, as defined in the product policy. This promotional email was sent to leandromarcal.comentario@blogger.com and may contain special notices or offers. It is for illustrative purposes only and is in no way a guarantee. You can prevent future emails here. empowr - 501 West Broadway, Suite A182, San Diego, CA 92101, USA.